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Mobile Development



We wanted to create an intuitive app that would help people to find tap water anywhere they are.


Bottled water is expensive, right? With this app you can have unlimited access to tap water for the price of one bottle.


We are happy with an outcome. You can easily find water on the tap map or track how many bottles you’ve saved!


On this stage we were figuring out how to introduce the main functionality to the users.


Reefill allow people to save money by providing unlimited access to tap water for the price of one bottle. Design is interactive, intuitive and it’s fun to see your progress of how many bottles and money you’ve saved.

It’s easy to find reefill station near you

All you need to do is to search for the nearest station, connect with it and with a click of one button, reefill your bottle with a cold, filtered tap water.

Rich activity tracker

You can not only find Reefill station, but also keep track of how many bottles you and your city saved, monitor your water consumtion, and money you saved using Reefill.

App Icon

When working on the app icon we wanted it to tell the user exactly what it is. The use of the target image and note that it's for AR did the trick.

Color Scheme