Powering Emotions Through Websites & Mobile App Designs
Drawn with Precision Executed with Flawlessness

We design Mobile Apps and Websites that are simply impossible to Ignore.

 We create an app interface that creates an emotional connection with our Client’s audiences. Our Design mixed with your ideas, make the users fall in love with every click, tap, swipe, and pinch. Our Team of Developers know what elements users need on their devices and how to lay them out for them to act naturally and on cue.

Our Range of Web/App Design Services That Leaves the Users Tempted

From a Descriptive Rough Wireframe to an App and Web Experience That Makes Every Visitor a Loyal Customer, Our range of Design Services Have You Covered From Start To Finish.

App Design

Web Design

Product Design
(or UI/UX)

Product Review

Creating Powerful Bonds With Our Design Process

How We Pack Every Website and Mobile App With Not Designs But Experiences

Research &

Wireframing &



We Dissect Your Users’ Behaviour to an Atomic Level, Analyzing What Triggers them to Act and Leave.

We Prepare Your Idea to Stand The Test of Time in the Crowd Of Users Who Have an Attention Span of .1 Seconds. By Studying Their Tracks to A Microscopic Level, We Give Your Users Exactly What They Need with a Pinch of Something They Never Dreamt of.


Our high-fidelity wireframes rule out ambiguity by crafting life-like blueprints that clearly outline the visualization of our designers.

The layout and functions of your envisioned product or idea are laid out in a schematic way. We design low-fidelity wireframes using paper sketches and computer images.


We don’t just design an app for you. We build your app’s visual identity.

We tackle your user’s need and wants, and tap into the pulse of your target audience.
Using mind maps, market research, use cases, mood boards, and cultural trends, we explore what motivates your users. We even play dress-up with your wireframes, adding the elements and finishing touches that reinforce your brand and resonates with your users.

Research, Experience, and Creativity is what Governs TECHNOFX’s Design Process.

All these, packaged with an in-depth Understanding of the Web and Mobile Apps, gives Extraordinary Digital Experiences.