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iBeacon App development is a stronghold of developers at Technofox. Our technical and creative team is adept at combining latest iBeacon technologies with delightful user experience. We create low energy consuming apps that add value to your business. Business can utilize iBeacon apps to enhance its users’ experiences and interactions. iBeacon apps have multifarious uses-from welcoming people when they enter your showroom to giving directions to reach your store. There are a myriad ways that businesses can enhance their users’ experience and interaction by using iBeacon technology.

Technofox is a leading iBeacon app development services provider. We can convert any iOS device that supports data sharing using Bluetooth into an iBeacon. Resultants are apps that can be used as point-of-sales apps or apps that are used in geolocation. For other types of iBeacon implementations, we use dedicated iBeacon hardware from third-party manufacturers and render them usable through great user interface and user experience mechanisms.

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We use Indoor Positioning Application development, we deliver world-class experience near to real life. We use iBeacon technology in innovative ways such that you can interact and engage with your customers at a whole new level.


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