Blockchain App Development

Helping Businesses Top The Decentralized World With Blockchain App Development

Blockchain Technology has been revolutionizing the way businesses are changing their work model. What started with Payment, has now found its way in a wide range of industries. For a business to mark itself as a technologically sound brand, it is slowly becoming a prerequisite to integrate Blockchain one way or another in their processes.

Irrespective of what industry you belong to, at Appinventiv, we have the proficiency to develop and then manage your dApps. From the Development of a Smart Contract and Cryptocurrencies to Auditing the Processes before they go live on the unaltered system and helping start-ups raise an ICO, our team of Blockchain developers, designers, and marketers, know how to employ the tools and languages that develops a decentralized ecosystem for your brand.

USPs of our Blockchain Based dApps

The solid logic of smart contracts results in error reduction and speed acceleration of transactions fewer intermediaries and distributed ledger system enables quick transactions and lower processing fees

All nodes in a blockchain have real-time access to all transactions in the chain. No hassle of hunting for reports in different formats at different times from different sources.

Since all participants in a blockchain have to authorize all transactions occurring in the chain, these applications build greater trust with customers leading to better sales and client satisfaction.

Longer the blockchain, more robust is its architecture and more resilient its transactions. Massive replicated database on multiple computers doesn’t allow malpractices such as hacking and interception.

Our Blockchain App Development Services

How we make dApps A Part of Every Business Reality

Smart Contracts Development and Audit

One of the most important parts of our Blockchain App Development Offerings
are creation of blockchain contracts to safeguard your transactions in the platform. We also ensure that your smart contract code are perfect before they get updated in the blcockahin and become irrevocable.

Blockchain in IoT

Combining the Two Transformative Technologies – IoT and Blockchain – we make the Whole Ecosystem in Which Our Users Operate Connected and Securely Decentralized.

Supply blockchain development

Crystallise supply chain economics using blockchain technology. We integrate efficient inventory management and transparent transaction rosters that benefit all participants.

Crypto exchange development

Bringing Buying and Selling of Cryptocurrencies to Android and iOS.

Wallet Development

We Create Crypto Wallet dApps that can hold hundreds of digital currencies, which are packaged in marked sections that entails the information related to your Wallet Balance and the Details of Previous Purchases.

Ethereum Applications

Enhancing businesses by bringing them on a platform that are cryptographically secure, tamper-proof, and decentralized. We run smart contracts that have no downtime, are free of censorship, third-party interference, and fraud.

Creating Permissioned Blockchain Framework
for Cross-Industry Needs

We develop open source enterprise-grade distributed ledger and codebase using various distributed ledger and
open source blockchain projects such as Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, Iroha, and Blockchain Explorer.

Our Hyperledger Blockchain Development Offer Following Benefits

Hyperledger Benefits

Making Cryptocurrency Management Easy with our 
Crypto Wallet Development Service.

Irrespective of what your needs are, Our Team of Blockchain App Developers know how to create all types of Cryptocurrency Wallets, which can be used for Storing, Recording, and Transacting the transformative, in demand currency.
The Wallet Types We Have the Development Expertise Of

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform are the one of the most in-demand
services of our Blockchain App Development Suite.

We give businesses a platform where they can create their own currency exchange system and join the bandwagon of those benefiting in the world that has started operating under the disruptive technology. With our Cryptocurrency Exchange dApps, we offer a number of services to businesses who are looking to set their own platform for digital cryptocurrencies.
Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Services

Bitcoin Exchange

Making Blockchain Robust with our
Ethereum Application Development

By Taking advantage of the robust decentralized platform, we offer a range of blockchain app development services for the businesses who wish to come on an app that is backed by decentralization and security. dApps Development, Smart Contract Development, Ether App Development, and Ether Wallet development are a few of the services we have added in our expertise through Etherium.
Using Ethereum, we develop dApps that –

  1. Get Self-Executed as soon as a Condition is Fulfilled through External Triggers


  1. Records Mandatory TnCs of The Contract on the Distributed Ledger, which is Shared Between All Parties.
  1. Connect With the Internal System of a Bank and the External Factor of the Share Price


  1. Offers Data for Reporting and Compliance by Analyzing the Pre-Defined Conditions.

Using Blockchain Development to 
Streamline Supply Chain

Transparent supply chain development using blockchain technology is our specialty. Clean dissemination of data and energy and real-time updating of data allows for extremely efficient supply chains. Our supply chain applications will cover the entire lifecycle of a block of data-from production place, to the warehouse, logistics, retail, and end consumers,


Greater access to source
material data


Lower forecast and inventory


Replace paperwork with smart
contracts to reduce
administrative costs


Better visibility and


Greater access to source
material data


Decentralized return
merchandise system

Connecting The World to a Decentralized Economy With
Blockchain IoT Services

The Internet of Thing allows connected devices to send and receive data to the private blockchain ledgers for the inclusion in the shared transactions, safeguarded by tamper-resistant records.
By Mixing IoT withBlockchain, we Are Able to Develop Blockchain Apps that –

  1. Offer a private blockchain system of the distributed peers, which replicates the device’s data and then confirms the transactions using secure contracts.


  1. Private. IoT filters the device events sending just the needed data to contract.
  1. Translate the existing device information, from one or other device type, into a format that is needed for the blockchain smart contract APIs.


  1. Offer customized service engagements, allowing you to innovate and experiment with the different IoT Platforms and the blockchain technologies.

Our ICO Development Services Enables You To Prepare your idea for Investors, Generate Cryptocurrency for distribution, Develop, and Promote your ICO, all with our All Round ICO Services

Detailed Description Heading: Prepare your idea for Investors, Generate Cryptocurrency for distribution, Develop, and Promote your ICO, all with our All Round ICO Services.
The vast experience our team of blockchain developers comes loaded with, help provide full circle ICO services to businesses looking to fund, shape, and market their idea, packaged with a successful ICO raise.


Our ICO Services entail following set of Features –

  1. Token Creation
  1. Host & Admin
  1. Token Protection
  1. KYC
  1. Page Design
  1. Multi-Currencies